Site update November 2018

My photos on the website are not visible anymore as per November 2018. The reason for this change is that Flickr, the place where I hosted most of my pictures, decided to set a limit on 1000 uploads for the free account. I did not have that amount of pictures yet published on Flickr, but I think I could reach that limit at a certain point. In the past I hosted the pictures on my own server and I might decide to do that again. This proces will take some time. I hope you’ll understand. Please continu to see my pictures on my different social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram! Soon I’ll be posting a new blog post too.

Happy flights!

Adventure begins…

Finally. Exactly 4 years and 1 week after I finished my pilot training at Martinair Flight Academy I got the message I was waiting for for a very long time: “Congratulations, you’ve successfully passed the interview”. Upon reading this message I literally could not believe it, I think I have read the sentence over and over again while my eyes started to tear up. “Congratulations”. Yes, that’s a positive word, right? I think I’ve never doubted about the meaning of a word ever before in my life until that moment. Yes, it’s a positive word. I’ve got the job. The next 30 minutes I did not know what to do, the only thing I did was crying with absolutely no shame. It was a long and nearly exhaustive bumpy road to get to this point…

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Visit to Aviodrome

Last January I visited the Aviodrome aviation museum at Lelystad Airport in the Netherlands again. It has been a while since I visited the museum. Late 2011 the aviation museum filed for bankruptcy. Luckily the company Libema – already owning some smaller theme parks and museums in the Netherlands – took over the aviation museum and (a part) of the airplane collection in the first half of 2012. Since that time the museum has changed a bit to make it more attractive to families with children. Despite that, the Aviodrome museum is still a very nice museum with a nice airplane collection. The true aviation lover will be satisfied as well.

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